• Sólyom Restaurant on the Weekend-site

    The Weekend-site, Marosvásárhelyʼs famously recognized leisure center is a unique characteristic of the cityʼs image, attracting 4-5 hundred thousand visitors every summer again and again. Because of its environment, the Sólyom Restaurant on the Weekend-site is an ideal recreational possibility for its guests every day of the summer period. The swimming area awaits with numerous pools and water slides, sport grounds, boating, an Olympic swimming pool and sunbathing possibilities. The Sólyom Restaurant on the Weekend-site is trying to make the visitorsʼ time spent here better, unforgettable with quality food and drinks and hospitality. Our recurring guests are familiar with the specialties of our company: the lángos and the artisan ice cream based on the Italian recipe made in our own laboratory.

    Lángos on the Sólyom terrace

    Our lángos is served with sour cream, garlic sauce, sprinkled with cheese, or with apricot jam, perhaps chocolate cream. The special flavor of our always freshly baked lángos is confirmed by the people often lining up in front of the Restaurant.



    Italian ice cream at the Sólyom Restaurant

    The more than 24 specialties of ice cream can be tasted on the Weekend-site as well, at the Sólyom Restaurant. Our artisan ice creams, made with modern technology and based on the Italian recipe, are sweets loved and praised by many. We use quality ingredients, we constantly strive to renew the flavors, yet remain faithful to our reputation, keeping the quality.
    Our laboratory, built according to the European Union standards, is located in Marosszentgyörgy. Using modern technology and modern equipment, we are striving to prepare one of the leading products of artisan ice cream in the country. Loved and popular flavors so far: strawberry, raspberry, berry, mango, blueberry, lemon, coconut, pineapple, cherry, melon, green apple, vanilla, chocolate, cookies, straciatella, tiramisu, yogurt, pistachio, rum-raisin, sesame, hazelnut, and our latest flavors are apple pie and pomegranate. Our-water based ice creams (the fruity ones) can safely be consumed by the lactose intolerant as well. And our milk-based ice creams are made of milk brought from the Transylvanian Plain, then pasteurized in our laboratory. The Sólyom Restaurant on the Weekend-site always strives to meet the needs of the guests with its friendly staff, so that it can welcome back the same kind faces among their families and friends.

    The Sólyom Restaurant in Marosvásárhely and Marosszentgyörgy offers the visitors a really special atmosphere and experience. Regardless of the location you choose, you can be sure you will find the same milieu: order, cleanliness and tastefully decorated, cozy spaces. The best dishes of our cuisine are made based on traditional recipes, from fresh ingredients. Our menu is well structured, large, providing plenty of choices – at fair prices. The staff of the Sólyom Restaurant is quick and respectful, and the flavors evoke the feeling of home. The fine world, taste of the location, the quality of the service is a guarantee you can become a recurring guest. Our terraces are airy, having a cooling effect in the summer heat as well.


    Address: Plutelor street No.2, Weekend, Târgu Mureş, Mureş
    Tel: 0728215505
    e-mail: solyom.restaurant@yahoo.com