• Sólyom Gelato

    We only use fresh and homegrown ingredients for our homemade ice cream prepared based on the Italian recipe. The more than 24 specialties of ice cream offer the most exciting and suitable flavors for all ages. The fruits we use are exclusively purchased from the producer, or grown and harvested by us. The production technology and the modern equipment used in the laboratory contribute to the high quality of the product.



    Italian ice cream at the Sólyom Restaurant

    We use quality ingredients for our ice creams, we constantly strive to renew the flavors, yet remain faithful to our reputation, keeping the quality. Our laboratory, built according to European Union standards, is located in Marosszentgyörgy. The laboratory includes the mandatory dressing room and sanitary premises for the employees, a main room where the ice cream is prepared, and two deep freezers to keep the ice creams and fruits cold, frozen, because our ice creams are preservatives and synthetic materials free. Using modern technology and equipment, we strive to prepare one of the leading products of artisan ice creams in the country. Our popular and succesful flavors so far: strawberry, raspberry, berry, mango, blueberry, lemon, coconut, pineapple, cherry, melon, green apple, vanilla, chocolate, cookies, straciatella, tiramisu, yogurt, pistachio, caramel, rum-raisin (malaga), sesame, hazelnut, and our latest flavors are apple pie and pomegranate. Our-water based ice creams (the fruity ones) can safely be consumed by the lactose intolerant as well. And our milk-based ice creams are made of milk brought from Transylvanian Plain, then pasteurized in our laboratory.

    Sólyom Gelato e Cafe on Somos-top as well

    Since May 2014 we can be found on the Somos-top as well. On the walkway leading to the Zoo a fairy wooden house is awaiting the visitors, children and adults alike. Besides our refreshing sweets, we also serve Italian Segafredo coffee. Families love the playground behind us, but we welcome everyone who wants to relax and enjoy the fresh air. Moreover, this is an exciting part of the city for sport lovers as well, since they can make their exercise even more enjoyable on the running track built in the forest.